About us

A Canadian/Swiss team with over twenty years of experience in corporate and academic worlds, we help our clients improve global communications and achieve higher success in their English-speaking and writing endeavors. It's our specialty.  We help corporations, as well as those in Academia, through consulting, coaching, and seminars. We have one foot in the corporate world and the other in the academic domain - it keeps us on our toes!


With broad and in-depth knowledge, we assess the needs of our clients and offer solutions that propel clients forward. We offer innovative, high-quality corporate and academic educational services. It's our passion.


We aim to unlock opportunities, build trusted partnerships, and enable our clients' success in Switzerland and worldwide.


We thrive on building relationships with trust, honesty, and respect. Since we love what we do, we always strive for excellence and are not afraid to celebrate innovation and forward-thinking.

Dr. Michelle Swann released the 330-page book Writing Professional Emails: The Step-By-Step Guide.

She also publishes under the pen name Alex Morgan and writes low-content books under the name Quatrefoil Productions. All of her books are available on amazon.

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