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Focal Point Consultancy provides the following services: Corporate Consulting and Seminars, Academic Coaching, Consulting and Seminars

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Corporate Consulting

The high costs of poor email communication are well documented in productivity research. Businesses that train their staff in email communication save both time and money.  Staff need training because many people have poor skills in professional email writing. Unfortunately, long-winded dense email texts are the norm rather than the exception. We provide email training and also consult on corporate email policies and procedures.  We customize our consulting to serve the needs of your company. Our clients include businesses that communicate in English by email.

Online Training

Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to corporate success. Email communication remains the dominant communication medium in business today. We offer up-to-date and on-trend online classes on professional email writing and handling. We teach 34 ways in which email writing can be improved, starting from the subject line and ending with the signature. .. We also teach how to write in cross-cultural contexts, how to build excellent relationships with clients through writing, and how best to manage your inbox. Our dynamic team uses both traditional and modern practices for teaching.

Academic Coaching

The academic world demands excellent English Language skills, including writing, researching, and presenting. Students must have the know-how to write essays, dissertations,  and journal articles.  Students are also expected to have good presentation skills. We provide individual coaching in all of these areas.  We specialize in helping students that are having trouble finishing their projects.  We help by providing step-by-step instruction that is easy to understand and will help you achieve your goals. We also offer editing services.

Academic Seminars

We offer seminars in English for people working within the academic world – from first-time university students to nearing retirement professors. Our seminars cover topics such as how to write an undergraduate essay, how to write a MA thesis, how to write a doctoral dissertation, how to write a peer-reviewed journal article, the basics of making good presentations, and more. We offer on-demand, customized seminars to best meet your requirements.

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