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Dr. Michelle Swann



Dr. Michelle Swann is the proprietor of Focal Point Consultancy and the author of several books, including Writing Professional Emails: The Step-by-Step Guide (available on Amazon).  Before starting a business in coaching and consulting, Michelle worked in various professional and academic fields. Her experiences span the nonprofit health sector, journalism, teaching at several Universities, and working in the corporate world.


Michelle now helps others achieve their goals and reap the rewards of success. Michelle is a natural-born problem solver.  She is keen to understand her client's needs and help them achieve their goals.


Michelle is an enthusiastic, intelligent, and hard-working professional who knows how to relax. She enjoys writing, rowing, photography, reading, and spending time with family in her free time.  


Beatrix Zumsteg

BEd, M.A.


Beatrix Zumsteg is a partner at Focal Point Consultancy.  She has over 20 years of experience in middle and upper management in a large academic organization. She understands a significant amount about the dynamics and change processes in organizations. 


Beatrix appreciates professional development and corporate policies' impact on both individuals and organizations regarding efficiency, productivity, and achievement. This places her in an ideal role to help with problem-solving and developing professional communication skills.


Beatrix is an outgoing person and thrives on helping people achieve positive outcomes and personal satisfaction in their day to day work. 

When she isn't working, Beatrix enjoy skiing, sailing, biking, and hiking. She is bilingual in German and English.


Our Team

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