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Teen Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life is a book for teen moms who want to achieve a great life for themselves and their children. It is also for those supporting teen moms who wish to offer genuinely helpful assistance. The book is a guide to beating the statistics and not living in poverty. Written by Michelle Swann who was  a teen mom and raised a fine son on her own, the book offers advice on pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn and infant stages, as well as general ideas about motherhood and child raising from the perspective of teen motherhood. The book also provides guidance on career planning, training, job seeking and financial planning. The book explores what it means to be a good mother and describes the importance of participating in children’s schooling. Finally, the book discusses the benefits of being a teen mother. The book provides the incentive to write down goals and offers the motivation to create actionable realistic plans and the know-how to achieve dreams. This book encourages pride, self-esteem, and accomplishment. It calls for strength, competency, and power.

Buy Teen Mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life By Dr. Michelle Swann on Amazon 

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