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Would you like to master the art of writing clear, compelling, professional, and actionable email messages? 

Would you like your emails to bolster your professional reputation?  Would you like your email exchanges to be more productive? Then Writing Professional Emails is for you. Since email remains the most prevalent means of communication for businesses and consumers, excellent email writing skills are a prerequisite for accelerating your career.


This guide teaches you how to acquire these skills and avoid writing mediocre emails that don’t bring desired results. Writing Professional Emails addresses every aspect of email communication: from the subject line to the signature. It teaches you how to tailor your emails to meet your recipients’ needs and fulfill your readers’ expectations. Following this advice ensures your emails will be read, appreciated, and acted upon.


Engaging, practical and comprehensive, this guide offers straightforward methods that will help you write high quality, persuasive, focused emails learn to identify 38 common bad email habits and find out how to stop them know how to use formal and informal styles and know when to use them use emotional intelligence in your emails to build excellent relations with your recipients communicate effectively in cross-cultural contexts employ many useful phrases applicable for all emails learn how to manage your inbox effectively and develop productive email checkinghabits write emails that convey social presence, an appropriate tone, and a positive human voice know when to use other communication platforms besides email and know which communication platform suits which purposes Many books about email are based on one person’s perspective, but this book offers best practices resulting from careful and extensive research. The author combines considerable personal experience with the knowledge of a wide range of experts, many of whom consult for Fortune 500 companies.


Writing Professional Emails gives email writing and handling the attention it deserves, helping you successfully and productively communicate in our increasingly digital and globalized world. While social media platforms come and go, email will remain ‘King’ or the main communication platform for the foreseeable future. Learn how to master all aspects of productive and professional email in a matter of weeks. Do this and you will save time, money and increase your productivity. Make email a more pleasurable and less stressful part of your life starting today.

Buy Writing Professional Emails (330 pages) by Dr. Michelle Swann on Amazon 

The market is flooded with books aimed at professional email writers. But I read a book that was incredible and explained all the concepts and techniques of professional email writing nicely. This book is “Writing Professional Emails: A Step-by-Step Guide” and is written by “Michelle Swann”. Review by Wajeeha Bashir Nerdection Rating: Worth reading

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