Current Corporate Seminar

Getting It Write: Writing Professional Emails in Global English (Created by Dr. Swann)


The perils of poor writing include wasted time, lost revenue, diminished productivity, and a decline of professionalism.  Our seminar Getting It Write: Writing Professional Emails in Global English can provide the latest and best tools to significantly improve email communication in your corporation.

Armed with a set of best practices, tools, and techniques, talented, well-qualified employees can further improve your corporate reputation and brand with quality email-writing skills.

Contrary to public belief that “hard skills” keep corporations in business today, it is excellent communication and other such “soft skills” that prove more critical, according to Google’s Project Oxygen (2019). David Grossman’s U.S. survey of 400 companies, each with 100,000 employees, discovered that poor communication resulted in an average annual loss of U.S. $62.4 million. The losses of smaller companies were also high (David Grossman, "The Cost of Poor Communication", (2018).

Billions of business emails circle the globe each day. Scrutinization of the effectiveness of their communication is necessary. As the primary means of communication for most businesses, they can influence the image of the corporation and be a critical tool for branding.

According to best-selling author Josh Bernoff, U.S. corporations spend billions of dollars on improving the writing skills of their employees. "The High Cost of Poor Writing" (2019).

This marks a significant change in corporate reaction to the new technological realities driving the economy. In the past, corporations would pour vast amounts of money into advertising campaigns to secure a positive brand. Yet, mere pennies were being spent on the ordinary email. With the increasing importance of emails as brand building tools, firms are now heavily investing in this once forgotten aspect of business.

No matter how excellent employees' skills are, we’ve learned that there’s always room for improvement. Dr. Swann has studied almost everything written about the subject of good business writing, and specifically the literature on writing professional emails. She has 20 years of experience in academics and business, which includes teaching English, studying Communications and International Relations at the university level, and writing a Ph.D. thesis on branding elite companies. This puts her in an excellent position to help raise the writing standards of corporate emails.


With a brief prior consult, we can tailor our knowledge to suit your organizational needs and make sure we comply with your corporate standards, branding goals, and legal requirements.

Why not strive for excellence in this essential skill? Let’s raise the bar!



Topics covered:


•    The significance and importance of email in today's rapidly changing global economy

•    Communication theory: where does email fit in, when should we use email

•    Cultural IQ, cross-cultural knowledge and defining global English

•    Types of email and their separate purposes

•    Fundamentals of an email

•    Know your audience

•    Know your aim

•    Five steps of best practices to achieve better, more effective and less time-consuming emails

•    Tips for making positive outcomes and constructive communication

•    De-cluttering your inbox and keeping up with the many emails you receive each day

•    Formal vs. informal email; finding the right tone

•    Proof-reading techniques and the importance of attention to detail

•    Problem-solving techniques

•    Word economy

•    Commonly misused words

•    Common spelling errors

•    A crash course in sentence structure, punctuation and active vs. passive voice

•    Handout on email phrases for specific situations