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Current Academic Seminar

Giving a Winning Academic Presentation in English 


English is the preferred language in many academic contexts. Possessing the ability to communicate in this 'lingua franca' is vital to success. If English is your second language, then presenting your academic work in English can be a daunting task. Our goal is for you to gain confidence in your written and verbal skills in English. We do this by identifying all the areas that need polishing. In the end, you will become confident in your abilities. You will never again fear the prospect of presenting in English! 

Some off the topics covered are as follows:


•    Standing out from the crowd and mastering English pronunciation

•    Overcoming stage fright and mental preparation

•    Knowing your aims, planning your talk (beginnings, middles, endings) 

•    Interacting with your audience and handling hard questions

•    Persuasion and rhetorical techniques

•    Using body language and facial expressions

•    Storytelling

•    Making excellent use of handouts flips charts and PowerPoint

•    Getting critical feedback

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