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Corporate Consulting

The high costs of poor corporate communication have been well documented in productivity research, demonstrating large financial rewards for businesses that communicate well to their employees and customers. Improving communication involves more than just disseminating messages. It means that messages resonate with and are understood by listeners who will then take action.

 One essential starting point to orchestrating excellent email corporate communication is having effective communication policies in place.

People should be aware of how to communicate well by email in various situations and contexts, including the following:


•     Negotiating

•     Confirming understandings

•     Advising

•     Writing invitations 

•     Answering information requests

•     Placing and confirming orders

•     Requesting payment and giving reminders

•     Handling complaints and tactful complaining

•     Apologizing

•     Asking for advice

•     Promising actions and providing assistance

•     Accepting offers

•     Handling demands

•     Writing reports and memos

The above communication contexts represent a partial list of situations in which employees need productive direction to enable your corporation to establish trust and maintain its good reputation with all relevant stakeholders. 


Our organization offers hands-on help and practical skills in all aspects of email writing and processing.  We offer one to one and group teaching on effective email communication. We also review existing communication strategies, analyze current practices, and examine and edit corporate email communication policies to help your corporation attain a set of best practices that will work in today’s changing, culturally diverse, multi-generational and increasingly technological world.


 In today’s global business environment, it’s critical to have well written email communications that obtain desired results.  It is vital that corporate employees at all levels are equipped with the know-how of excellent email communication practices.


Let us help you achieve excellent email communication in your organization. Let us assist you with your branding strategies through a consensus of vocabulary and a consistent in-house style of writing.

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