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Academic Consulting & Coaching

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Academic Consulting


The academic world demands skills in the English language. Some of these skills include, for example, writing, researching, and presenting in English. We provide support by helping you learn these skills to succeed. With our experience, we can help you navigate these diverse facets of academia by teaching academic English skills and by editing your English texts and presentations.


When you want specific instruction to help you accomplish your other academic goals and challenges; we can also help. Benefit from our knowledge on the following skills:

  • Writing, editing and research 

  • Critical thinking and analysis

  • Investigating and organization

  • Navigating the academic job market

  • Public speaking in English

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Academic Coaching


Through video conferencing, we examine your academic concerns and perceived barriers to success. We assess your strengths and weaknesses together, determine which areas need work and then create a personalized plan of action using strategies that work for you. Academic coaching will energize you, help identify your desired direction, and bring clarity to move forward and achieve your professional goals.


We offer an environment that is confidential, respectful, safe, and empowering. We can help you to:

  • Overcome stumbling blocks

  • Stop procrastinating

  • Make good decisions and create plans that work

  • Improve your work relationships, 

  • Develop coping skills

  • Improve your motivation and productivity 

  • Plan your career to achieve the success you deserve.

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